Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adversion to the Number 4

For an unexplainable reason, Bianca does not seem to like the number 4. When she counts, she says, "One, two, three, five, six...." She also likes to march and say "Hup, two, three, five!"

OK - in those cases, maybe she got a little confused....However, yesterday, my Aunt Dot called me at work to say that Bianca was counting in Spanish (thank you very much, Dora!) and said, "uno, dos, tres, cinco."

I can't explain why, but one thing's for sure: The number of the day in the Martin household certainly WON'T be 4!


  1. I haven't commented on your blog before, so this name may not look familiar, but I think there may be a reason for your daughter's adversion to 4. I have a harmless condition called synesthesia, where numbers and letters have colors for me, and some numbers have more pleasant colors than others. Maybe she does not like the color of the number 4. Pay attention to see if your daughter might have objections to certain letters or numbers as she grows up. I should also say that the condition is harmless!

  2. Wow, Krystal. Thanks for commenting and for the advice! I've never heard of synesthesia before, but I will definitely keep an eye out for her objections as she grows. Thanks again!

  3. Glad to help, just thought you should know. It may help you be more aware of the condition if you research it.
    P.S. Your name (Carey) is blue at the beginning and turns into yellow at the 'y', from my point of view ;)

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  5. I realize this is an old post, but my son had an aversion to the number 3 when he was young. He insisted, adamantly, that he was NEVER 3. He was 1, 2, 4, 5, etc, but NEVER 3. Where do they get these ideas?