Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking on the Bright Side

My Darling Daughter turned 18 months yesterday. 18 months! It seems so hard to believe that a year and half of her life has already gone by. I feel like I’ve missed so much.

It’s no secret that I long to be a stay-at-home-mom. I hate leaving for work each day knowing that I will only get to spend a precious hour or two with my Little One. I dislike the fact that after a year of living there, our house still doesn’t quite feel like home. I simply don’t spend enough time there, and the lovely touches of a true homemaker are missing.

But this is my reality I must accept. And now that my husband has recently added an expensive car payment to our plates, it won’t be changing any time soon. My heart is heavier than ever, but despite that, I need to look at the bright side. After all, being or having a depressed mom is no fun! And BiBi deserves my absolute best.

So, I will count my blessings for being a working mom:
~ Bianca is such a loving and fun girl. Because I am out of the house, other people get to experience the true joy she is.
~ I will use my current situation as an example and try to teach her the importance of staying out of debt.
~ Every moment I get to spend with her holds so much more meaning.
~ By working and contributing financially to our household, I am helping to make my husband’s dreams come true.
~ My mother worked and my sister and I turned out okay, so I know Bianca will be fine, too.
~ Harry and I both have retirement plans.
~ My higher education isn’t going completely to waste.
~ I can be an example that a woman can have both a family and a career if she chooses.
~ Bianca is growing up surrounded by family.
~ If I want to buy tickets to a concert, a book or a new journal, I can. I will also eventually be able to go to massage school.
~ I am surrounded by and have intelligent conversations with brilliant people on a daily basis.
~ When things get slow at work, I can catch up on my favorite blogs.
~ When my Little One hits the “terrible two’s” I will be grateful for the daily break.


  1. This made my heart hurt a little... I can see your passion to be with your little girl.
    so as I'm virtually hugging you, I say, "Sell that car, move to the ghetto, and spend your days broke & loving' on your baby <3
    (I say that with zero judgement and all the love I can send across the computer screen;))