Wednesday, March 23, 2011

18-Month Checkup

Bianca had her 18-month check-up yesterday. Overall, it went well. She gained two pounds since her last visit, putting her back in the 10th percentile for weight! We are very happy about that! Obviously, the PediaSure is working wonders.

She was supposed to get her second Hepatitis A shot at this visit, but apparently, I was two days early in scheduling the appointment. My choices were to either come back on Friday or wait until her 2-year appointment. Since Dr. Fireman assured me that it would be more beneficial for her to wait, that's what we decided to do. I was very happy to spare her from the pain this go-round.

The only concern we have is her eczema seems to be flaring up again with the change of the seasons. Dr. Fireman wants us to lather her in Aquaphor twice a day and use hydrocortizone cream on the really bad patches once a day until it's back under control.

After the appointment, we headed home. We got there right around 4:00 PM. It was SO WONDERFUL being home that early. We played outside for over an hour. I was also able to have dinner ready for Harry when he got home. (With our work schedules, that rarely happens.) It was a great night. One that had me longing yet again to be a stay-at-home mom. I really think the quality of all our lives would be so much better. (sigh)