Monday, February 21, 2011

BiBi's First Haircut

Bianca's hair was getting a bit out of control. In fact, I was affectionatley calling her "Crazy Hair." Aunt Dot decided to take matters into her own hands and make an appointment at Brenda's in Canton for BiBi's first haircut. We went on Friday, February 11th.

Our Little Beauty was all smiles when we entered the tiny shop.

Things quickly went downhill from there. Denise sat her down on a booster seat and draped her with a smock - which she did not like. Here is Denise snipping the first piece of hair:

Because she was having such a fit, I had to sit her in my lap and hold her arms down. It still didn't go well. She cried the entire time.

Denise didn't want to torture her anymore, so the haircut was cut short (the time, that is - not the hair!) So, although it's somewhat shorter in some places, her hair is still pretty uneven and out of control. I tried to get an "after" shot, but she wouldn't cooperate. You can take my word for it, though. She is still my Little Crazy Hair!

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