Monday, December 20, 2010

Lots of Fun

One thing is for sure: Bianca has an enormous personality. It is so much fun watching her grow into her own person!

Here is just a glimpse of our Little One:

~ She likes to sit in the refrigerator. Any time we open the door, she runs right over and tries to climb in. She loves to press the button that makes the light turn on and off. She also likes to try and close the door on herself. Luckily, she hasn't been successful with that one yet!

~ She loves to help. If I'm cooking dinner, she wants to help stir. If I'm doing laundry, she wants to help transfer the clothes. If I'm putting dishes in the dishwasher, she wants to help load them. This may come in handy when she's older!

~ Her two favorite hobbies are dancing and reading. Any time a song comes on that she likes (it could even be a commercial), she can't help but groove to it. She also loves her books. She has no problem listening to the same book over and over. And if you happen to be reading too slow for her taste, she will turn the page for you to help move you along!

~ She loves electronics. She is fascinated by remotes, cell phones, and laptops.

~ She likes attention. If we are at the store, she will smile and wave at strangers. If they aren't paying attention to her, she will call to them in her baby language. She is probably saying something like, "Hey you! Look at how cute I am!"

~ She has the best facial expressions. One of my favorites is her smile when she poses for pictures. She lets her whole mouth of teeth show.

~ She gets really upset when she doesn't get her way. It is usually followed by screaming, crying, or both.

~ She has been biting. She bites my knees, my shoulders, my fingers - pretty much anything within her reach. Yesterday I was lying on the couch, and I closed my eyes for a minute. I was quickly woken up by teeth being pressed into my forehead. I really hope this is just a phase that will quickly pass. (Along with her incessant need to pull my hair!)

She is just an amazing little person (the good and the bad!) I feel so blessed to have her in my life!!


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