Monday, December 20, 2010

15 Month Check-Up

I took Bianca to the pediatrician last Thursday. This was the worst appointment we've ever had.

First, she was tired (aka - grumpy). Second, I think she realized where she was. Before Dr. Fireman ever came into the room, she was wailing. I held her, rocked her, sang to her...but I couldn't comfort her. I was honestly worried that someone might think I was abusing her.

Third, we had a wake-up call concerning her weight. BiBi has become quite the picky eater lately, and I was honestly wondering if she was getting enough nutrition. But I decided not to worry too much about it, because Kristen said that Damian went through the same non-eating phase. Kris told me that if I got too concerned that I should just give her PediaSure.

I had planned to bring up my concern with Dr. Fireman just to be on the safe side, but he brought the topic up first when he looked at her growth chart. He was a bit concerned because she has only gained 1 pound in 3 months. (She now weighs 19 lbs) The fact that she is below the 5th percentile in weight wasn’t the disturbing part. It’s the fact that the curve of her rate of growth is starting to decline. Dr. Fireman gave me some suggestions on how to get her to eat better. If in four weeks she hasn’t gained any weight, he would like for us to meet with a pediatric nutritionist.

Dr. Fireman had a difficult time examining her. She just cried and screamed as he listened to her heart and looked in her ears. He ended up cutting the visit short because she was so upset.

Once Dr. Fireman left, the M.A. took blood from her arm and then gave her two vaccinations. Of course, she screamed and cried even harder than she already was. Her face turned shades of red and blue, and I just felt so, so awful for her. When it was time to leave, I was never so glad to be done with a doctor's appointment. I know BiBi shared my sentiment.

As of this morning, our Little One still isn’t eating like she should be, but she seems to be doing well with the PediaSure. At least I feel better knowing she is getting vitamins and minerals.

Here's a confession: Harry and I are both overweight. I can’t help but wonder: Did I subconsciously stop feeding her because I don’t want her to be fat like us? I honestly feel like I'm failing as a mother.

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  1. Carey, Rick and I.. granted they are 3 and 5 a little older.. but we argue about how we can't MAKE our kids eat. That's the thing.. they still have to choose whether to eat what we're giving them, or not. You are SO not failing as a mom. Oh my goodness you are the total opposite of failure. You are making sure that you find a way for her to be happy and healthy. Do you know of how many parents don't even take their child to their well visit? I can name a few.. it's crazy. You are so wonderful Carey. If you have to speak to a pediatric nutritionist, you'll get so much awesome information.. sneaking in calories, getting Bianca to try things, etc. I kind of wish we had the chance to talk to one. LOL but, hopefully it doesn't get to that point. Pediasure is some pretty kick butt stuff. LOL
    You are such an awesome mom, Carey. Don't read into it.. remember, those toddlers are very VERY strong-willed creatures.