Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Way Overdue Update

So much has happened in the world of Bianca the past few weeks!! Perhaps the biggest and most exciting news is she is crawling!! it's not exactly a crawl...its more like an army crawl, where she slides herself around on her belly....but, man, can that girl get around!! Which is proving to be a bit of challenge. First, she loves electrical cords and wires of all kinds. She wants to put them in her mouth or give herself a hug with them. Not good! Next, she loves to pound on Daddy's laptop that sits on the floor. We originally had it up on the table, but she almost pulled it down on her head while playing with its power cord. She also loves to play with the cable box. She has already had a stack of DVDs fall on top of her, and she has been very close to pulling down our rack of TV trays. Looks like Mommy and Daddy have some major baby-proofing to do!!

BiBi is now 9 months old. I can hardly believe it!!! She did really well at the doctor's this month, although they didn't have to give her any shots. She is 27" long and weighs 16 lbs, 14 oz. She is happy and healthy, so we have nothing to complain about there.

She loves to dance. Anytime she hears some music that she likes, she bobs her head to the beat and smiles.

She is also doing better with standing. She still can't quite pull herself up yet, but when she starts out in standing position, she can hold herself there (while holding onto something else) for a while.

She went swimming for the first time ever at Samantha's graduation party on June 12th. We were at Rocky Ridge State Park, and we took her to the little beach. She didn't like going out too far, but she loved sitting down at the water's edge. She splashed and smiled the whole time. At one point, a big wave came and crashed over her head. I thought she was going to cry. But all she did was sneeze and then smile. Since then, she has gone swimming several times in Aunt Dot's pool. Aunt Dot says she loves it. She is definitely going to be a water bug!!

She still doesn't have any teeth yet, but she definitely has more hair. It seems to be coming in blond, but sometimes I think I see a tint of red in there.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I can't believe how fast she is growing up!!!