Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Forgive Me

Yes, I realize that I am horrible at keeping up at this blog. Yes, I do realize that I am WAY overdue for an update. I've just been having some personal internal struggles lately. But enough about me.

Bianca has been doing absolutely wonderful sitting up. She will literally sit up for hours at a time if she has a toy to keep her occupied. Standing, on the other hand, is a task she doesn't like to do. Aunt Dot says she has "Lazy Legs." Although her legs do appear to be getting stronger every day, she would much rather fold her legs into a sitting position than try to straighten them out.

We don't think she has any real interest in learning how to crawl either. This fact was proved over the past two weekends, when her cousin Harley was staying with us. Harley likes to get up on all fours and rock. She even scoots backwards a bit. Bianca, on the other hand, is perfectly content to just lay on her belly and roll over when she feels like it. She is pretty much just laid back and relaxed. (Not that that's a bad thing!)

On Saturday, she said "Daddy" for the first time. Last week she started saying "dee" over and over. Saturday she added it onto her "Da." It was pretty incredible!!! Harry was sitting right next to her, but he didn't hear it, and she hasn't said it since. I'm sure it won't be the last time, though!

She has a few new toys that she enjoys. The first is a bucket full of shapes. Even though the goal of the toy is to have the little ones put the shapes through their corresponding holes, Bianca hasn't quite grasped the concept. Instead, she likes to take out the shapes and chew on them or throw them. She also likes to tap the shapes together and make music. I sing "tappity-tap" and she clinks them together. It's so precious!!

Another toy she likes is the one where you stack the rings on a little cone. Again, she doesn't quite understand how to stack the rings, but she certainly has no problems taking them off and throwing them across the room. (As a side note, Harry was a baseball pitcher. I think she may have gotten his arm!)

Finally, my mom bought her a toy where little animals pop up if you press, twirl, move a button. (Not really sure what it's called, and that's the best way I know how to explain it.) She hasn't figured out how to make the animals pop up yet, but she loves to push them back into their boxes. She gets very excited when all of the animals go away!