Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Mom

Ok…I admit it… I feel like a bad mother. Bianca has a big scrape on her head. It’s been there for about a week. My sister asked me last night, “What happened to her head?” I didn’t know how to answer her, because I honestly have no idea how it happened. I don’t know if it happened while she was at home or while at Aunt Dot’s. And I never even bothered to ask. I just saw it, said to myself, “Poor baby has a boo-boo,” and let it go. Now I can’t even recall the first day I saw it. I feel like if I was a good mom, I would have better tabs on my Little One. Right now, it almost feels like she's an afterthought, and I absolutely hate feeling that way. Harry says we are giving her a better life with me working. If that were true, how come it doesn't feel that way?

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