Saturday, February 6, 2010


I apologize for not posting an update lately.  Ever since I've gotten back from Miami, work has been crazy.  I've been staying late, bringing work home, and pretty much getting an ulser over my job.  I've barely had time to spend quality time with Bianca, much less write a blog about it.

I have a confession.  Some days I wish Aunt Dot was keeping this blog.  That way, I could read about what my daughter's been doing.  It's sad but true that I feel like I'm not the best person to be posting updates.  The majority of the time I'm with BiBi, she is sleeping.  I feel like a horrible mother.

Luckily, we are in the middle of a blizzard.  We will definitely be snowed in this weekend - possibly the entire week - so I'll have lots of extra time to spend with our Little One.  (And write about any cute things she does.)  Right now, Middle River has 23" of snow, and it will continue to fall for at least a few more hours.

Harry and I are about to go back to bed for a morning nap, so I'll close for now.  I promise to write more later.  Until then...enjoy this cute little face!

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  1. I've always felt this way about moms who work outside the home- you guys are MY heros. I think that it makes you a wonderful help provide for your family and you are always thinking of your baby girl. I think it's going to show how strong and talented you are to Bianca. I grew up with a mom that stayed home all day. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we were poor so her working would have been nice. LOL Please don't beat yourself up. And yeah, see if Aunt Dot can get a Facebook/Blogger account if she has a computer! Or maybe if she could take lots of photos/video clips while she's babysitting Bianca.