Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Last Day

Even though I am not normally a fan of snow, I'm so grateful for this storm that allowed me to spend amazing quality time with Harry and Bianca since last Friday afternoon. Today is our last day together, as tomorrow we go back to the grind. Harry is ready to go back to school and get back to basketball. I, on the other hand, am not looking forward to work at all. This week has been wonderful, and I really don't want it to end. I've heard lots of people on the news say that they suffered from cabin fever last week. Is it bad that I haven't felt an ounce of it?

Bianca has been babbling so much more. She particularly likes the "b" sound. On Friday night, she said "mama," though she had no idea what she was saying. She hasn't said it since. (And believe me - I've been trying to get her to repeat it!) On Saturday night, she said "dada" twice. Again, we don't think she had any clue what she was saying, but it was extra special because Saturday was Harry's birthday.

To celebrate, Mom, Kris, Damian, and Tony came over with a yummy lunch from Bill Bateman's to eat during the Maryland/Duke game. I hadn't seen them for three weeks between Miami and the weather, so it was quite nice to be with them, even if for a little while.

BiBi has also gotten much better with eating her rice cereal. We have been feeding her little bit each night. In the beginning, she was getting more cereal on her bib than anything, but now, the majority of the cereal is getting into her belly. She still makes a grossed-out face when she first tastes it, so we think we will be introducing her to oatmeal relatively soon to see if she likes that better.

Yesterday, Bianca turned 5 months old. She decided to celebrate the milestone by learning how to roll over. Even though she has rolled over sporadically in the past, she rolled over 10 different times yesterday. It's almost as if a lightbulb went off for her. Here is a peek at her accomplishment for your viewing pleasure:


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