Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doing Better

It seems like Bianca is back to her old self....at least for now.  She slept through the night last night, and Aunt Dot said she has been an absolute angel the past two days.  Guess she's definitely feeling better.

At the moment, she is sitting on the couch playing with her "Fluffy Chick and Friends" book and watching Dora the Explorer.  I'm not sure if she is talking to the book or the television, but she certainly has a lot to say!  I love listening to her "talk."  The sound of her voice is like music to my ears.  I can't help but smile when I hear it!

One funny thing that she's been doing lately is blowing raspberries.  She sticks out her tongue and spits.  It's really funny watching her do it.  She also managed to find her thumb this week.  Previously, she would try to put her whole hand in her mouth.  Lately she's been putting in just the thumb.  I really don't want her to get into sucking her thumb, but I have to admit that she is just so adorable when she does it.

In other news, we found out today that BiBi's cousin-to-be is a girl.  Bella Marie is due on May 31st.  Congratulations Aunt Beth and Uncle Jason!

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  1. Childrens voices are beautiful. So innocent and with such precious tones to them. Sucking thumbs can be hard to break, but binki's are so much harder. Eventually atleast the thumb becomes soggy and they lose interest in it because it gets wrinkley.
    Congratlations on the new addition to the family too!!!