Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 Months!

It's hard to believe it, but our Little Miracle turned 4 months today!  We celebrated this milestone by visiting Dr. Fireman.

Bianca did so well.  The appointment began with her getting weighed and measured.  She is now 24" long and 13 lbs 3 oz.  Dr. Fireman said she is growing nicely, although he did not give me a percentile this time.

I asked him once again about her face.  He said that he truly believes that she just has extra sensitive, dry skin.  He wants us to run the humidifier in her room every night, continue using the Aquaphor, and start putting Vaseline on her face before we go outside.  He thinks that we will see a big improvement in her skin during the summer.  He doesn't want to give her a prescription cream, as it will most likely thin out her skin, and she will have permanent scars.  I don't want her resenting me as a teenager, so we'll just stick to our current routine.  If it doesn't get any better this summer, I may ask about other options.

He also said that we can start her on solid foods any time we think she's ready.  Overall, she is extremely healthy.  She is just a tad behind developmentally, as she hasn't started rolling over yet.  He said that we aren't giving her enough tummy time, and if we do so more regularly, she will catch up in no time.

She did really well with her shots this time.  I made sure she was sucking on her pacifier, I held her hands, I kept my face close to hers, and I whispered to her.  She cried, but she didn't scream in pain like last time.  And as soon as I picked her up, she calmed down.  I was so proud of her! 

Of course, all of this sounds so silly when I think of my friend Dawn's brave little daughter Natalie, who is currently recovering from her second open-heart surgery.  I would never be able to give her story justice, so if you'd like, you can read all about her here.  From the updates Dawn has been posting on Facebook, Natalie is doing really well, but I'm sure any extra prayers you're willing to spare would be much appreciated. 

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  1. hey none of this is silly! this is all about your cutie pie Bianca and I love reading your updates. From 1700 miles away I feel a bit closer reading them. lol
    I've been trying to figure out what's going on with her skin and like you said, you'll know more by the summertime. If it's eczema or something else there are so many creams and things to help ease it/get rid of the symptoms. I have never googled this, but there should be pediatric dermatologists that will get you some answers. Even checking now or later on couldn't hurt. I hope you get answers.
    Thanks for thinking of Natalie. And please know, your prayers are so appreciated and they are working. ;)
    Keep huggin' that precious kid of yours. xoxo