Friday, October 30, 2009

New Playlist

I realized today that the songs I had on this blog's playlist didn't really apply anymore. For instance, the song Capri starts out with the phrase, "She's got a baby inside." After searching for some more appropriate songs (half of which I added and then subsequently deleted), I decided on an obvious theme.

Hopefully those of you with sound will enjoy my choices. The first one was sort of a default, as it was the only song I found that was in English...other than a rap song that I thought was rather inappropriate...but luckily, it's a song I would have liked anyway. I have a feeling Bianca will like it one day, too. It's really awesome hearing a song with your name in it. I was named after the song "Carrie Anne" by the Hollies, so I was always tickled when I heard it. It was the same with "Carrie" by Europe. At least Bianca has one song she can claim.

The second song was actually chosen by Bianca. When I listened to it, she got a big smile on her face and started kicking her feet in excitement. I couldn't just ignore that reaction, so I picked her up and started dancing with her in circles around our living room. I think we both enjoyed it! Honestly, when I hear the song, I imagine BiBi when she is five or six years old, dressed up in a pink tutu and holding a sparkly magic wand, dancing around in circles. It's just a happy song!

The last song is my favorite. Just because I love hearing the name Bianca being pronounced in Italian. It sounds so beautiful and exotic. When I hear this song, I picture my daughter as a young woman, being courted by her first love.

Wow...I've heard of people having moments where their lives flash before their eyes. I think the same just happened to me...only it happened with BiBi. She is going to be a beautiful, happy woman. And however small it is, I'm going to have a part in it. That makes my heart soar!

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