Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 1st Has Come and Gone

Yesterday, my Grandma Ruth celebrated her 85th birthday. There were quite a few of us curious to see if Bianca would decide to make her arrival on such a momentous occasion, but alas, the day has come and gone and she is still tucked safely away inside my belly.

Another reason I was hoping that Bianca would be born yesterday (or before) is because of school. The new law says that children have to be 5 by September 1st in order to go to kindergarten. And the same rules apply to Pre-K. She would have to be 3 by September 1st in order to get into Pre-K 3. Now that that deadline has passed, our daughter will be 4 by the time she starts Pre-K 3. It doesn't seem like this fact should be a big deal, but when you have two parents who were particulary bright and successful when it came to school, it sort of feels like a low blow. Harry says that in a few years the law might change again, so I am holding onto that hope. And if we start working with her early, there's always the possibility that she could test out of a particular grade, and she can get back on track with the kids her age. (But let's be honest - I really shouldn't be worrying about any of that right now!)

This week I have been feeling pretty crappy. I am more tired than usual, my stomach and head have been aching, and I've been nauseous. It feels like the first trimester all over again! Luckily, Mom has been driving me to work every day, so I haven't had to worry about concentrating on the road in that condition. (Thanks, Mom!)

Friday is going to be my last day in the office. I will still be working up until the point I go into labor; however, my boss has agreed to let me work from home next week. I am definitely feeling good about that decision.

I am scheduled to go to court next Wednesday. Bianca either needs to come out ASAP so I can start the healing process, or she needs to wait until Wednesday night before taking any action. Either way, I really don't want this case getting pushed back again. It's already been rescheduled twice, and the accident occurred over a year ago. I am SO ready for it to be resolved. It would be one less thing to worry about.

On a more pleasant topic, I want to wish a big congratulations to Andrea and Steve. They welcomed their baby girl Natalie into the world on Friday night. I saw a picture of her today, and she is the most gorgeous baby! Seeing her precious face made me ache for my own daughter. I really can't wait to meet her!


  1. Another Natalie!! I LOVE that. ;) I send them many warm wishes!
    I hope Bianca makes her grand appearance soon. But at the perfect time so you feel like you got alot accomplished with work, court, etc. And I just realized, your due date is my MIL's birthday!! LOL

  2. Hi!

    In case you go back and read comments on old posts, I'll weigh in on the school thing. I, too, was distressed by the new MD rule, under which (we were told) a child has to be 5 not just by 1 Sept, but by the first day of Kindergarten (*and*, lest a parent try to work around it using a private Kindergarten, also must be 6 on the first day of first grade!). My Harry didn't make it, and believe me when I say that I made all the requisite phone calls trying to get around the system (my older boys also have late-year birthdays, but went in under the old rule; couldn't have the baby lagging behind!). Well, I failed, he's now one of the older ones in his class, and... it's actually okay. I had an extra year with him at home, he loves school, and he does very well.

    Karen Welbourn :-)