Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Appointment Update

I had another appointment this morning. I am up another pound, putting me at 19 pounds gained so far. I was also dehydrated today. The midwife warned that especially in this heat, I have to keep up on my water consumption. Other than that, everything looks good. My blood pressure is fine, and my stomach is measuring on track. Bianca's heart rate was in the 150's today.

I asked the midwife if they could tell approximately how big Bianca would be at birth, and she said that everything concerning size is a guess. They can't even give an answer based on a sonogram. (I know this is true, because Kristen's last sonogram said Damian was going to be 5 pounds, and he came out weighing 10!) But based on the size of my stomach, she that I can probably expect for Bianca to weigh somewhere in the 7 to 8 pound range.

I didn't have an internal exam this week, but she said I would definitely be getting one next week. They couldn't fit me in on Tuesday, so I'll be going on Thursday. I'll be 39 weeks that day. Hopefully they will tell me I've made some progress.

Also on Thursday, I will be meeting with Dr. Fireman - the man we hope will be Bianca's pediatrician. He is accepting new patients, and he's willing to meet with me next week, even though he doesn't have any office hours. (He is working with in-patients all next week.) I really appreciate him being so accommodating. It makes me think that Harry and I made the right choice. But we will confirm next week!

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