Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 35

I told Harry this morning that we should play 3535 in the Lotto. Today, I am 35 weeks pregnant, with 35 days to go.

This has been a better week for me. I still feel a bit tired, but it is nothing like last week. On Tuesday night, I couldn’t sleep. I just couldn’t get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. I think I fell asleep around 3AM and had to get up at 6AM, but despite that, I still had more energy than I had last week. Guess that proves that I was simply drained. I’m glad to be feeling better.

This past weekend, Amanda and I went to New York to visit Stephanie. That was a fun trip. Last night, Mom, Kris, Damian, Tony, Harry, and I went to the Orioles’ game. Damian had his hair spray-painted black and orange. I really wish I would’ve had my camera! This coming weekend is Lucy’s birthday party. And, as always, Harry and I will be driving by our house to see the progress. With any luck, we will be able to go inside and see the drywall that was just put up.

I feel like I am entering a period of calm before the storm. The woman who will be covering my position at work while I’m on maternity leave started on Tuesday, so I have a lot less on my plate during the day. Soccer, yoga, and childbirth class ended this week, so my evenings are once again free. And even though my weekend activities are continuing, they don’t feel as hectic. My goal for all this downtime is to try and connect with God, myself, and Harry as much as possible and to prepare as best I can for the arrival of our Little One.

Speaking of our angel, this is what’s happening to Bianca this week. As she gets bigger and her space inside my womb becomes limited, I am more likely to feel wiggles, stretches and rolls, as opposed to kicks and jabs. Her liver has begun processing her waste products, and her nails are growing so long they may curl over the tips of her tiny fingers and toes. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, she will put on most of her weight. In general, babies gain about one-half pound per week in the last month of pregnancy. Hopefully that’s all I’ll be gaining, as well. (Hey…one can hope!!)

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