Thursday, July 9, 2009

Week 32

Only 8 more weeks to go!! It looks like Bianca will definitely make her Big Arrival before our house is built. Harry and I met with the construction manager on Monday, and he estimates that we will go to settlement late September or early October. Even if she is late, she certainly won’t be four weeks late, so it is inevitable that she will be coming home to the apartment.

I have been feeling really great this week. I have no major complaints – except that my feet have been particularly sore. I have also been feeling Bianca move more than ever. You can even see my belly move when she moves. It’s pretty neat. I imagine it’s only going to get more amazing as she gets bigger.

This week, our Little One has now developed sensitivity to temperature. Apparently, if I put a heating pad on my belly, I will most likely get a nice kick. I wonder if the same is true for something cold… In great news, thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week survive. While I’m hoping Bianca will stay put for quite a while longer, knowing this fact gives me another reason to breathe easier.

Because I have been asked several times, particularly by my out-of-state friends, for pictures of me with my growing belly, I will oblige. But considering that I was chubby to begin with and in comparison to other women at 32 weeks, my belly is actually still pretty small. In fact, just today one of our housekeeping staff asked me if I already had the baby. Guess that’s what happens when I don’t wear one of my maternity shirts; I just look chubby!!

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  1. Look at that cute belly!!!! And someone asked you if you had the baby already? That is so crazy. Honey, that belly of your's looks full of baby. lol
    And just you wait you're going to wonder how much further your belly can stretch these next two months. I remember from weeks 34 to the end with both kids I really popped out. Before that time people kept telling me I was carrying small and the baby would be small. Joke was on them since both kids were BIG. lol