Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Harry, Mom and I celebrated the morning of America's birthday at the Dundalk parade. Both Damian and Katie were in it, which was exciting.

In other exciting news, it looks like framing on our house is almost complete! Harry and I drove by this afternoon to find not only walls, but a roof! We meet with the construction foreman on Monday. Hopefully he will give us an estimated date of completion.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


  1. The house looks like it's going to be awesome. Just like you guys deserve! I know it looks like it'll take a long time to get put up completely, but somehow once the outside structure is built, it usually really goes swiftly from there. I can't wait for you to be able to get your baby things in there, holding your precious daughter in your arms in your newly built home while Harry smiles down at the both of you happily knowing you and Bianca are his stength and are both happy! Congratulations on everything honey! xoxoxo

  2. Wow this is great news! And that's really cool how quickly the process can go.