Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thoughts of Our Little One

My best friend from high school Erin left me a photo comment on one of Bianca’s sonogram pictures on MySpace. It’s the one with her hand resting on her cheek. Her comment was, “You know what’s funny? You used to sit in homeroom with your check in your hand like that!”

That comment really got me thinking about what our Little Miracle is going to be like. Will she take after me? After Harry? After both of us? After neither one of us? No matter what, I know in my soul that Bianca is going to be an amazing person. Whether she molds herself into a social butterfly, a skilled athlete, an artist, or a shy book worm, she is going to be the perfect version of herself. There will be no one else like her. I can’t wait to watch her grow and blossom over the years. I’m already so proud of the woman she’ll become – and I haven’t even met her yet. Is that crazy?

I really just have four wishes for our daughter:
1) That she knows true happiness
2) That she is true to herself and always follows her heart
3) That she experiences true, deepening friendships
4) That she loves passionately and has that love returned

(And for the record, when I mention love, I’m not only thinking of a life partner for her. I want her to love God, family, animals, the environment, her interests…whatever finds its way into her heart….without limits and know she is loved in return.)

Though some parts of becoming a mom scare me, the part that excites me the most is the fact that very soon, I will start to get to know this perfect little person inside of me!

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