Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Appointment Update

Bianca and I had our bi-weekly checkup this afternoon. It went well. My blood pressure was good and I wasn't dehydrated. I gained three pounds since my last visit, putting me up to 17 pounds gained so far. That number is a little scary to me because I still have ten weeks to go, but I'm only supposed to gain eight more pounds. Despite that fact, the midwife said my weight and my stomach growth look good.

The medical assistant found Bianca's heartbeat right away. Apparently, our daughter doesn't like being prodded, though. She gave me a good kick, which came through loud and clear on the doppler. After that, she "swam" away, and the M.A. had a more difficult time finding the heartbeat again. Finally, after two minutes of trying, she found it again. The heart rate measured in the 140s - still nice and healthy!

Our next appointment is on July 14th.

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  1. That's so awesome girl! I'm so happy for you and being able to read this! She's your very own little soccer player! xoxo