Saturday, May 23, 2009

Week 25

Here we are...another week closer to the birth of our Little One. She will be here before we know it!

Harry and I have decided on a name for our Little Miracle: Bianca Ruth. Thank you so much for your votes! It was a tough decision, as we both also really liked Sophia, but Bianca just felt right. We can't wait to meet her and see if her spirit matches her unique, beautiful name.

On the growth front, Bianca's physical proportions are evening out at this point, and most of her remaining development will largely be weight gain and lots and lots of nervous system development. The good news is: if our daughter is born premature now, she’ll be more likely to survive without too much trauma, as her lungs began to produce “surfactant” last week. Knowing this fact helps me breathe a huge sigh of relief. This week she'll be scootching slowly out of the old breech position and start rotating (already!) into a better position for exit during birth. Her head and feet are slowly rotating so that the head is pointed down towards the birth canal.

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