Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow-Up Ultrasound

I have been wanting to post this update all week, but work has been crazy as usual, so I didn't get a chance. I think everything went well with the second ultrasound. The doctor sent me back so that she could get another look at the baby's spine. Even though I expected this appointment to be shorter, it still took a good half hour for the ultrasound tech to get all the pictures she needed.

Our daughter must have been sleeping, because she would not move. I, on the other hand, was asked to move from my back to my side, to my other side and back again in hopes that a different position might give us a better picture. The ultrasound tech even poked my belly with the wand a few times, hoping to get her to move. At one point, I think our Little One got upset. I felt her kick. The ultrasound tech must have seen it on the screen because she said, "Did you feel that? She gave it to you good!" Guess like her mommy, our Little Miracle is a little cranky when someone wakes her up!

I asked the tech if everything looked ok, and she just responded, "I can't tell you that; I'm not a doctor." So far I haven't heard anything from the doctor's office. I'm hoping that no news means good news.

I also asked the tech to double-check the sex, as I was afraid of having a son born into a world of pink. Luckily, our Little One is definitely still a girl! (Sorry D-Man!)

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