Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Appointment Update

I had another doctor's appointment today. Luckily, everything looks good. I gained 3.5 pounds this month, putting me up to +8.5 this pregnancy. The doctor said that my weight gain looks fine. I also wasn't dehydrated this month, which is a good thing.

The baby's heart rate measured 145 bpm today, which is a little slower than it normally is. I asked the doctor if that was ok, and she said yes. She said that babies go through sleep patterns just like adults, and if she happened to be sleeping during the appointment, her heart rate may be down. Overall, anything between 120 & 160 is considered normal.

Apparently, my doctor's office did not have my ultrasound on file. The doctor called over to Advanced Radiology, who had a difficult time finding my record. The doctor let me leave while they looked for it and promised she would call me as soon as she reviewed the ultrasound results. Right before I got to the tunnel, she called.

According to the measurements taken during the ultrasound, our due date is remaining September 3rd. The doctor would like to get a better look at the baby's spine, though, so I have to go in for a follow-up ultrasound. I'm excited to see the baby again, but I'm a little worried that something may be wrong. After reading "Handle with Care," I'm a tad nervous.

My next OB appointment is on June 2nd. During that appointment, I will be receiving a referral for a glucose test.

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  1. I'm sure everything is fine with the ultrasound. They really want a better picture of the spine..that's what happened to me as well. Good luck with the glucose drink...
    Good luck.