Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Ultrasound

Today was our Big Ultrasound, and it went well. Our ultrasound tech was Carol. The first thing she did was comment that my bladder wasn’t full enough, but luckily she could still get the pictures she needed. From what she could see, everything looks good. She didn't say how big the baby was measuring, but the heartbeat registered at 163 bpm.

Carol had a hard time finding the baby’s kidneys, but when I rolled over onto my side, she could finally get the picture she was aiming for. At one point when she was trying to get the kidneys, she said "he is being stubborn." I don't know if that was a slip, or if she calls all gender-neutral babies "he." Guess I will find out in 10 days!

Apparently, Carol showed Harry what the gender was and typed it on the screen for him. The screen wasn't facing me at that point, so I had no idea that it was going on. He told me after the appointment that she had done so.

We got 6 pictures to take home, mostly of the profile. I am hoping to scan them tomorrow so I can post them on here. This time you won’t have to play “Where’s Waldo”; you can clearly see our Little Miracle!

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