Monday, April 6, 2009

Appointment Update

This morning I had my monthly appointment with the OB. For the most part, it went well. I gained three pounds since my last visit, putting me up to four pounds gained so far. My doctor did not seem too concerned about my weight, but encouraged me to be more active, as I should only be gaining 15 - 25 pounds total during this pregnancy since I started out overweight, and I still have a long way to go.

The baby's heart rate is still going strong in the 150's. My belly is measuring a little big, but Kristen told me I shouldn't be worried. She said that either means the baby is big or I am further along than I originally thought. I am confident when my last cycle was, so it has to be the former. I'm still hoping for a seven pound or less baby, though!

All of my blood work came back negative, which is great news. My blood pressure also looks good. The only concern my doctor had was I am a bit dehydrated. Even though I try to drink 32 oz of water a day, it apparently is not enough. The recommended intake is double that, and she wants me working on that.

Of course, the most exciting part was getting my referral for the Big Ultrasound! Harry and I will be going next Wednesday, the 15th to see our Little One!

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