Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday's Appointment

My appointment on Friday was actually very quick. After my blood pressure was taken, I got weighed. I gained four pounds since my last appointment, but since I had lost three at the previous one, I am technically only up one pound so far. I was then taken to the examination room. I met with the midwife this time. She pressed on my belly, asked me if I had any questions, then left the room to retrieve the doppler. She came back and tried to find the baby's heartbeat.

At first, I heard all this noise (that turned out to be my stomach) and then it just went quiet. After a few seconds of the unbearable silence, I started to worry that my worst fear had come true. All I could think was, "Please Lord..." and then the midwife said, "There he is!" We briefly listened to the swooshing sound of our Miracle's heart, and she stated that the heart rate was measuring about 150, which is good. She told me that all my measurements looked great, and my appointment was over.

My next O.B. appointment is scheduled for April 6th. Prior to then, I have to go get some more bloodwork done. So far, so good. Which means the time has come to officially start spreading our joyous news!


  1. We are so excited for you both! And love keeping up with the baby's progress.

    Uncle George and Theresa