Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 13

Here we are on Week 13....the last week of my first trimester. This week our baby's teeth and vocal cords are forming. I find this fact very exciting! Our Little Miracle could grow up to have an amazing voice! His/her body is now approaching normal proportions, with the head only one-third the size of the body. His/her intestines are also moving from the umbilical cord into his/her tummy.

Again, there wasn't much change in my body this week. I did wake up one night with heartburn, but a glass of milk did the trick. I'm still feeling very tired most of the time, but I am told that my energy should be coming back in the next few weeks.

Harry and I decided that it wasn't worth getting Genetic Screening done. Number 1, my insurance doesn't cover it unless it is deemed medically necessary (and mine isn't). Number 2, we are going to keep our baby no matter what. And Number 3, even if the screen came up positive, there's a good chance the baby will be fine anyway. I will admit that I'm a little disappointed that I won't get to see our Little One as soon as I originally thought...but 20 weeks will be here before we know it. We just have to trust that everything is ok, and God is keeping our Little Miracle safe and sound.

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