Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Heartburn!

I have been suffering the past three hours with terrible heartburn. I've been drinking lots of water in hopes that it would subside, but it's not really helping. I think a trip to CVS for some Tums may be in order. I have also been extremely tired today. I am counting down the minutes until this l-o-n-g work day is over!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 13

Here we are on Week 13....the last week of my first trimester. This week our baby's teeth and vocal cords are forming. I find this fact very exciting! Our Little Miracle could grow up to have an amazing voice! His/her body is now approaching normal proportions, with the head only one-third the size of the body. His/her intestines are also moving from the umbilical cord into his/her tummy.

Again, there wasn't much change in my body this week. I did wake up one night with heartburn, but a glass of milk did the trick. I'm still feeling very tired most of the time, but I am told that my energy should be coming back in the next few weeks.

Harry and I decided that it wasn't worth getting Genetic Screening done. Number 1, my insurance doesn't cover it unless it is deemed medically necessary (and mine isn't). Number 2, we are going to keep our baby no matter what. And Number 3, even if the screen came up positive, there's a good chance the baby will be fine anyway. I will admit that I'm a little disappointed that I won't get to see our Little One as soon as I originally thought...but 20 weeks will be here before we know it. We just have to trust that everything is ok, and God is keeping our Little Miracle safe and sound.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Double the Fun

One of my coworkers announced today that she is pregnant. She is due on August 26th, 8 days before me. I am truly excited for her, and it is neat that we will be experiencing our journeys together. If nothing else, it will be nice having someone to compare stories with the next few months.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 12

This week has gone by super fast. Friday the 13th was Harry's 33rd birthday. He had a game at 5:30 (which they won!), and then Mom, Kristen, and Damian took us to dinner at Squire's. Saturday morning, we woke up early to go to Damian's 8:00 AM soccer game. (His team was also victorius!) After that, we headed to the Eastern Shore. We stopped at the outlets for a few hours of shopping, then stopped in Salisbury to get our taxes done, then finally reached Ocean City, where we spent the next two days. Sunday, in particular, was wonderful. After church, we spent the afternoon walking on the Boardwalk. We also went to the movies and then went to Dumser's for dinner. Tuesday was back to the grind at work.

Tonight the Patterson Clippers are facing the #1-ranked Lake Clifton. Even though Harry says it could get ugly, it should be a fun game to watch none the less.

There hasn't been much change in my body this week. Other than some mild "evening sickness" and slight cramping, I don't really feel any different. I'm still not showing yet and my pants are buttoning up easier now. I was really bloated in the beginning, and I think it is starting to ease up a bit.

Harry and I are still deciding whether or not to have the genetic screening completed. On one hand, I really want to see our Little Miracle again, just to make sure everything is still ok. On the other hand, we may be paying a lot of money for potentially inaccurate results. Kristen informed me that Damian tested positive for Down's Syndrome twice....and we all know that he is fine. I'm not sure I want to be worrying over something that could be nothing; I worry too much as it is!

Here’s what’s happening to our Little Miracle this week: he/she is shifting into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of the baby’s systems are fully formed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daddy is One Heck of a Coach!

Our baby is so lucky. He/she has an amazing dad, who also happens to be an amazing coach. Check out this article that was written about the Patterson Clippers:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 11

Today I'm into my 11th week of pregnancy. It seems quite strange that time has gone by so quickly. Some days I don't "feel" pregnant at all; it is very surreal at times. I'm sure that will change as the baby gets bigger. Even though I can't really feel anything, this is what's happening to our Little Miracle:

He/she is currently enjoying a 1:1 ratio between body and head and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through. His/her fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and his/her hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming. (Thanks to The Bump website for the information!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Houston, We Have a Baby!

I had my first OB appointment today, and it went really well. After taking my weight (I have lost three pounds!), a urine sample, and my blood pressure, the MA led me to an examination room, where I waited a while for the doctor to arrive. After a brief introduction, she did a quick sonogram to see the heartbeat and to measure the baby. Everything looks great. Even though I couldn't see the heartbeat she was trying to point out to me, I was relieved to know there was one. The baby is measuring 10 weeks 6 days, which is right on schedule. I am truly estatic with this news! (Some of you know how nervous I have been that something might go wrong.)

Here is your first glimpse of our Little Miracle. (It's like playing Where's Waldo...can you see him/her?)

My next OB appointment is on March 10, 2009. Prior to that, I will be going to Franklin Square to have more prenatal screening done. They will be checking to see if there are any issues with the anatomy of the baby and to check for issues like Downs Syndrome. Honestly, I'm just excited to have a higher-quality sonogram!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Positively Positive!

That's right....we're having a baby! These tests were taken on December 27, 2008.

We haven't gotten the "it's official" from the doctor yet, but tomorrow morning is my first official OB appointment. I am so excited! I can't wait for the doctor to tell me everything is ok. I am also giddy at the possibility of hearing the heartbeat for the first time. I'm also dying to know when my first sonogram will be. I can't wait to catch a glimpse of our Little Miracle!

Harry and I are overjoyed with the thought of adding the third member to our new family. And we are so glad that you will be coming along with us on this precious journey! God is SO Good!